About Us

The quality goes in before the Clifton name goes on.

Clifton is a business that is over 90 years old and 100% owned by the original Australian family.  It is operated by the fourth generation of the family of the original founder, Clifton H. Joseph.

Clifton Umbrellas feature more styles, more colours, more features AND much higher quality than the other umbrella brands available in Australia.  In fact, our quality is industry recognised as world class.

We back our world class quality with our 100% genuine frame guarantee on all Clifton, Brellerz, Funbrellerz & Bobbie J branded umbrellas.

Clifton sells to trade customers and retailers only with a $300+gst minimum order for F.I.S. (free-in-store) delivery.

If you are a member of the public and would like to find our full range directly online, please visit www.umbrellas.com.au.

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